Android Tips

Each build of the Android OS is a bit different so you will need to pay attention to the one you are using. When you adb shell into a device you cannot just look around like you used to, in other words many commands don’t work like “ls”.  If you have rooted the device and […]

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LFI php files

If you have have local file inclusion and can upload your own files here a few files to help get further or more information. Create the file on you attack machine and upload it. The first one will show who the php process is running as if it has the privilege to execute. <?php // […]

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Android Tips

When working with Android devices there are some tips and tricks that will make life a little easier. ADB is your friend a very powerful friend and when you couple it with SU being installed it might become one of your most trusted friends.   The following commands will come in useful. Get a list of […]

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Report Writing

If you are performing pen tests for a living, hobby, or fun you will need to write reports.  If you perform a pen test and do not write a report that is hacking.  😉   When writing your report I recommend writing in a consistent manner with regard to tense, tone, and understanding. Find the format/detail […]

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Little things

Little tips or things that might help from time to time.  This post is an evergreen page, I will just add a sentence or paragraph about a topic.  There will not be a flow from one topic to the next.  🙂 In Kali Linux, if you are doing Android work you will need to start […]

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On LinkedIn and other professional sites there has been conversations about what Cyber Security certification is the best.  I will give my two cents on this topic.  There are two main types of certifications the first is exam based (multiple choice questions) and the second is practical (hands on keyboards, doing the work).  I have […]

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