Find a Cyber Security Group

The security industry is very open and welcoming for the most part.  Most, if not all, major cities have cyber security groups like a local DefCon, Hacker Associations, Fire talks, etcs.  Find one in your area or start one if you feel the need.

Austin Hackers Association (AHA) and Dallas Hackers Association (DHA) both have monthly meetings where the members are encouraged to present.  These presentations ,typically 5 o 7 minutes long, cover new projects, ideas, or other security related topics.

OWASP groups, typically meet once a month, are all over the world and usually have a guest speaker, networking (professional), and food/drink.

IOActive, yes a company, has meetings where their researchers will give a talk on new findings or techniques.  The CEO, Jennifer Steffens, has also set up a women in technology, Women Wisdom and Wine, set of meetings.  Follow her on LinkedIn or go to the IOActive page for information.

This is just a few examples of groups that meet periodically to discuss cyber security.  I suggest you find one and participate.

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