Find a Cyber Security Group

The security industry is very open and welcoming for the most part.  Most, if not all, major cities have cyber security groups like a local DefCon, Hacker Associations, Fire talks, etcs.  Find one in your area or start one if you feel the need. Austin Hackers Association (AHA) and Dallas Hackers Association (DHA) both have […]

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Tips and Tricks (CTF)

Get all your tools installed before it starts, there is no reason to waste your limited time on stuff that can be done beforehand. Practice before you go.  Find a CTF that is online or a VM that could be downloaded and practice. When performing a buffer overflow attack against a binary on a webserver […]

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Overthewire is a great place to get started if you want to get into pen testing.  You will need a machine that has an internet connection and has an ssh client on it. Go to the website and find the bandit wargames.  I will not publish walk throughs for this as there are a ton […]

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